Play - Why Lenox
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Arts and Culture

Do you know any other 5,000 resident towns that are home to an orchestra like the Boston Symphony? And that is only the beginning, world-class theater at Shakespeare & Company, a dozen galleries and even more dance and theater all around create an arts scene that is unmatched.

Outdoor Recreation

The hundreds of acres of town parks and miles of trails are just the beginning. We are also home to multiple lakes and rivers for boating, with 20 minutes of multiple downhill and cross country ski resorts and Lenox is home to a 1,000 acre Audubon sanctuary.


Lenox has something for everyone at our award-winning restaurants. Down-to-earth pubs all the way to fine dining with nationally recognized chefs and wine lists. The restaurants of Lenox have been featured in magazines and newspapers around the country.

Play Case Stories

Stories from people that came to explore and never left!