Taxes - Why Lenox
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 Did you know that Lenox has a tax rate that is less than half, and often even less than that, than the majority of New York and New Jersey? That is because we have had fiscal smart town leadership and we collect a great deal of revenue for our wonderful tourism industry.

Tax Burden Among Lowest in Massachusetts.

SmartAsset, a New York financial technology company, recently released their second annual study on the places in America with the lowest tax burdens. Berkshire County made the list for Massachusetts at number 1, up from their rank of 10 in last year’s study. The study analyzes what a person making the US median income pays in income, sales, property, and fuel tax in counties across the country. For a look at how Berkshire County performs among the leaders in Massachusetts, check out the table below. View the full study results, methodology, and map >

Lenox Tax Rates


$12.33 Residential

$15.18 All other class of property


$12.16 Residential

$14.95 All other class of property


$12.21 Residential

$15.06 All other class of property